For this project Adrianus looked into beauty of Indigo when used. Jeans are probably the best example since we even sell them these days in fading colours that are intentionally designed. But also the uniforms of the French officers and English navy where dyed with indigo and got a stunning worn look after years of serving. Young officers would rub their uniforms with a brush to reach the same effect. Kundert has designed this rug so that becomes richer with time, as new shades of blue appear on the area’s that are frequently walked on. In this way he wants to extend the lifespan of the product and put the mortality of materials in a positive spotlight. Indigo is unique compared to other dyes as they dye thorough the yarn. Indigo reacts to oxygen and is basically a thin layer around the yarn, what give textiles a very specific patina. The Indigoes rug makes use of this quality and will show brighter tints when wearing out.